We are anonymous…

People these days seem to think we are some sort of Internet vigilante group, That couldn’t be further from the truth. We are the little voice in the back of your head that wants to fuck your hot sixteen year old daughter. We are the father who beats his six year old child simply because he spilled his beer. We are every chef that’s ever spit in some random person’s food for the hell of it. We are the pyromaniac who burns down the homeless shelter for shits and giggles. We are the person who rapes the same girl twice. We are that feeling you get when you beat your pets; and enjoy it. We see some guy hang himself live, we laugh. A wrestler kills his family, we laugh. Some maladjusted Asian shoots up his university, we laugh. Fifty-thousand die in North Korea, we laugh. AIDS ravages a continent, we laugh. An Austrian man locks his daughter in his basement for 24 years and fathers 8 children with her, we laugh. A religion invented by a psychotic writer swindles countless gullible fucktards out of their cash, we laugh, and then go kick his religion’s ass just for the hell of it. We aren’t some vigilante group righting wrongs. We aren’t your friends, your buddies or your saviors. Your feelings mean nothing to us. We are human nature unencumbered by pointless ethics, foolish moralities or arbitrary laws and restrictions. We are every dark impulse you have; unrestrained and fully realized. We are what deep down, you wish you were. We exist as a means for instant gratification, purely at our own whim. We have no culture, we have no laws, written or otherwise. We are an autonomous collective, each an insignificant part of a whole. You cannot assimilate us, we do not change. You cannot defeat us, we do not exist. You cannot infiltrate us, we know our own. We do not sleep, we do not eat and we do not feel remorse. We will tear you apart from outside and in, we have all the time in the world. You operate under the delusion that we will someday be outdated, that we might even see the light. You are irrevocably wrong. You are not special, you are not unique and you aren’t crusaders for justice. You’re a blend of college age faggots who think that they can do some sort of good, and who are desperate to belong, to have attention. You have accomplished nothing, and you will fall. Enjoy your AIDS, faggots.
From old anonymous, to new anonymous.

Cinema Night.

Just came back from the cinema whit my daddy. Saw “Black Swan” directed by Darren Aronofsky, how is also the director of Requiem For a Dream ( one of my favorite movie whit Fight Club – Casino – Sleeper etc ! ). The movie was cool, didn’t expect that but doesn’t mean i didn’t like it, very good story line + Vincent Cassel is soooo hot in the movie, how not to like it ; )

Here is the trailer of “Black Swan”, enjoy !

PS: if you see it, please watch it in English.

Je sors du cinéma avec mon père. Nous sommes allez voir “Black Swan”  un film realisé par Darren Aronofsky, qui est aussi le réalisateur de Requiem For a Dream ( qui est un de mes films préféré avec Fight Club ! ).
J’ai joint la bande annonce, regardez et apréciez !

PS: si l’envie vous prend, s’il vous plais regardez le en anglais.