Thanks to my sugar daddy !

Todday whas shopping day at BMH, came out of the shop whit a new Tripod (for daddy) and a Olympus radio recorder (for daddy also) and a Canon G12 for the rabbit !

So happpy about it, dad said “beter be good”, I’m still working on that! ; )

Then came back to the house and went to a sex poetry night at the Moca bar in Harlem.

Having lot of fun in New York at the moment, here is an other shoot i did. (made whit the S90)

Madison Av and 83 st.


Walk in New York.

Having a little different with wordpress. stay zen, your in new york baby ; ) 

Any away, here are some pics from New york, born and raised there, will never forget all the times i’ve spent in the big city of my dreams !


Dumbo, Brooklyn.


Welcome to Yaffa cafe 1 av and St mark open 24/7, best place in town.

5th avenue, right outside the apple store.



White smoke, white mountain, white rabbit.

Yesterday I came back from a week in Megeve whit Billy, Charlie and my boyfriend. Such a nice week whit them in a verry nice cottage in the montain own by Billy’s grand mother.

Hier je rentrer d’une semaine de vacance a Megeve avec Billy, Charlie et mon amour. Le chalet apartien a la grand mere de Billy, elle nous y avez invité.

The last 2 are made by Billy.

Les deux derniere sont faite par Billy.