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lil rabbit’s running in my head

31 May

Love this drawing, but not as good as the original piece it was inspired from..

Originaly painted by Hokusai Katsushika in 1830’s, “the great wave of Hokusai “is one of the 36 view of mount Fuji..

this isn’t Hokusai’s work, but I still love the drawing.


sex symbol.

26 May


547334_10151320369981504_602749601_n 46091527597iloveiloveiloveiloveher tumblr_lvmgf8C4Tg1qm5e3bmonica lisa fonssagrives pennmonroe 1952


kate moss tumblr_m5c7s8MMTt1qm69mso1_500horrorpopdarling-20090605104636-marilyn_318-originalAmerican troops in the Pacific bathe during a lull in the fighting on the island of Saipan, 1944. PETER STACKPOLE






10001 new york, New York.

16 May