My little princess

eva-ionesco 758698 eva-ionesco-1 tumblr_lhcjejrupb1qa95wro1_400 tumblr_lwrw2rjlyq1qzsz2co1_1280 tumblr_lx4vafbicE1qa7htco1_1280 tumblr_meld7vEkdn1qi1cs6o1_400

Photography by Irina Ionesko whit her daughter Eva ifrom age 5 till her mid 20’s.

Very beautiful and intimate portraits, which are all featured in a wonderful book entitled EVA, Eloge de ma fille 

The movie isn’t very faithful to the true story; too much ”girly” when the photo are very poetic and erotic. It is also too much caricatured in my taste is take aways lot of the ”magique” and mystery of the story, I also din’t appreciate the way Eva presented herself a a ”victim” … (i’m a big fan of the book, so i was very critic toward the movie)

but still very beautiful images and costumes, plus Isabelle Huper is looking fantastic as always!


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