Welcome to the Abode of Chaos

I’m at the abode of Chaos since more then a week now, things are going more than OK; nice performance, cool artist, one more great life experience.

I was verry happy to see Coco Katsura and Johanna Constantine two artist (respectively from japan and New York)  that I’ve know for more than 10 years.

Lot of things have happend and more to come, be ready, Survive the Apocalypse.

I took a many more picture, so if you whant to see please go in “around my world photography”

I also found a SUPER NICE shop in lyon, called “MARILYN”

55, rue Auguste Comte 69002 LYON

contact: or:

trip to lyon.

We came back from st. benois by car on the 21th, 1 hours home then 5 hours of car to lyon.










Last tuesday was the opening of the Borderline Biennale at the abode of Chaos.










Traveling around France whit my love !










I’m about to attempt to Michel Fernex conference

” Nos enfants victimes du nucleaire ” starting at 4pm at the abode of chaos.

please look:

Japan Apocalypse Week End 1 : Michel Fernex

Back to the Basics

Lets talk about Coco (before chanel), born 19 of august 1883 under the name of Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, later called Coco chanel.

She was born in Saumur, France; at the time of her birth her mother was a laundrywoman named Jeanne Devolle and her father a market stallholder named Albert Chanel. Gabrielle’s mother died in 1895 of tuberculosis and her father left the family. Because of this, the young Chanel spent six years in a orphanage, When Coco turned eighteen, she was obliged to leave the orphanage, started working with the circus of Moulins as a cabaret singer where she was called “Coco.”

Some say that the name comes from one of the songs she used to sing, and Chanel herself said that it was a “shortened version of coquette, the French word for kept women”.

She  was a pioneering in French fashion designer; started buisness by seling her name for “Chanel number 5” ( she  worked for more than twenty years to gain full control of “Parfums Chanel”) opend her 1st shop called Chanel Modes established at 21 rue Cambon.

In 1939, at the beginning of World War II, Chanel closed her shops. She believed that it was not a time for fashion.

She had many affair in her life, but never married, not even to  the Duke of Westminster or Boy Capel, the man she loved and loved her back, beleving: “There have been several Duchesses of Westminster. There is only one Chanel.”

In 1945, she moved to Switzerland, eventually returning to Paris in 1954, the same year she returned to the fashion world.

The re-establishment of her couture house in 1954 was fully financed by Chanel’s old nemesis in the perfume battle, Pierre Wertheimer.

She died on a Sunday of 1971, at the age of 87 in the Hotel Ritz where she had resided for more than thirty years..

It is the story of Coco chanel, an icon, and before all a women.

Outta’ town

I’m in St benoit de Carmaux since last tuesday, I didn’t have much time for myself since a fiew weeks; doing back and forth between Lyon, the Factory and my home. on the 19th i will go back for 24 hours in avignon then Lyon for a week the opening of the borderline biennale. Looking forward to spend some times whit my “familly” i miss my bitches …

 – bouilles –

Life will soon go back to normal, but for now my love, we have to sleep away from each other. I tough we were living in the XXI century…

It whas a rainy day today…

… sky stayed grey .

Yesterday I heard a not so “peaceful and relaxing” about what happend in Oradour sur glade in the 1940’s.

A German Waffen-SS company came in the city on the 10th of june 1944. They separeted mens from women and children, breng men on the main square and shot them to death. Women and children were locked in the church and also shot to death, 642 people were massacred this day  as a revenge for the resistance they opposed. They also looted and destroyed everything, burned the homes, shop, post office, and church.

please watch, I wasent able to make a preview…

source found on : – if you wish to lurn more


This is one of my favorite restaurant in East Village called “the Yaffa Cafe” .

Yaffa’s s “open all nite” as the mural outside puts it.  Inside, you’ll find  leopard and zebra prints on the booths and tables, some bunches of plastic grapes and Christmas lights hanging from the ceiling, a very warm and cosy atmosphere welcoming for every “kind” of people!

to check out the food menu please clic here 

if you have the chance to go, and if by any chance you take salade choose the carrot dressing ! it’s THE best

Artist of the Day.

“Goin” is one of the three artiste working on regular basis at the Abode of Chaos. This painting has been made on the walls of the Abode for the Borderline Biennale.

“Goin” est un des trois artiste qui bosse a la “demeure du chaos” en permanence.
Ce graf a était a l’occasion de la Borderline Biennale.

Borderline Biennale propaganda :

happening from august 18th to september 18th at the abode of chaos

lot of artists, exhibitions, conferences, performances.

inscriptions are necessary, please suscribe at:

– St Romain aux Mont d’or 69270 – FRANCE

Borderline Biennale ropaganda:

ca ce passe du 18 aout au 18 septembre a la demeure du chaos

il y auras pleins d’artiste different pour des conferences, performances, et installations

Les entrées sont gratuites, mais inscription (préalable)obligatoiresur: …

– St Romain aux Mont d’or 69270 – FRANCE


You are know on a space ship to my mind, welcome.

This is a new self portrait realized few days ago, Weird Faktory. 2011

Yesterday I borrowed a super nice “princess style” necklace to my mother. I have a lot of things on my mind these days, but nothing worth a post so i will just keep on writing;

I  discovered the music from Duke Ellington – Chloe, witch is referenced in the book i’m reading at the moment –

“l’ecume des jours” (from Boris Vian)

Yesterday I watched whit my boyfriend ” American History X” one of my favorite – sadly for me, in french! –

I’ve always like better to whatch movie in original version.

I also added a lot of new decoration in my living room, here are some pics for a little preview.