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1 friend added. Welcome to The family my jul’

24 Sep



Nature morte, très morte.

22 Sep

God damn mescaline. Why the fuck can’t they make it a little less pure? 

19 Sep

The first picture is from Anneta Bartos

“I wanted to be the dream, the vision maker of who we are.”

15 Sep

Le feu commence a prendre

11 Sep

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“America is the only nation in history which miraculously has gone directly from barbarism to degeneration without the usual interval of civilization.”

George Clemenceau

Je n’ai pas assez d’une nuit pour rêver, ni d’une journée pour realiser tout mes rêves

8 Sep

superseventies-1973-glamour-in-furs tumblr_lt8svk5feI1qzoaqio1_r1_1280 meet-me-in-st-louis-title-still

La base.

4 Sep

Came back from lyon saturday morning, didn’t know what to think, i would have loved to stay one more night. I saw great performance and again lot of diferent but very interestion people!

Now listening to Tarantino Soundtrack, i think if i have time i will whatch Reservoir Dog tonight, one of my long time fav’ – I have lots things to to before getting back to work tomorow. enjoy.

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Ali and Angelo Dundee, In Corner 01_apr82 by goin Nancy-Cunard by man ray