birthday coming very soon ; )

since my 16 birthday is in less than 3 day (omg olny 3!!!!) i desided to create a wish list! i spend a lot of time on blogs, and i always find super cool clothes that (sadly for me) i can’t buy…

here is the link to the list:

unfortunately since i left from france i left my computer at home, so i’ll add more links when i come back!

Vend moi du rêve.

 We are in Chicago since yesterday, things are going slow, life is good but weather is starting to get chilly. Daddy bought me some shoes todaytonight we did some pictures; hope you enjoy ; ) still on our coast to coast tour, already drove more than 10000 km through 40 cities! Thank to all of you how support and follow us during our trip. i don’t always updates my blog by you can follow me on instagram..!