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Artiste & Alchemist

29 Jan



White Rabbit & the Dolls

26 Jan

White Rabbit & the Dolls

Photography by Lukas Zpira

Rule of a Gentleman No 28

19 Jan

” Opening the door to a lady is not optional, and will never go out of style. ”

jamaican boys, 1950's

the sexiest curve on her body is her smile

16 Jan

La vie en Rose.

13 Jan

Ellen-Rogers-Photography-e1318150219308 theyroaredvintage-photo-by-david-bailey-1968 988x688_17825dc8e73670c5670c9b5f274745dfaa6001fc 1227_10200403588634751_826595457_n edenandcupecake Ziegfeld Follies ballerinas OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA tumblr_lzwksqgpAz1qkuylro1_r1_1280521944_10151757991635816_1986322740_n flowers

Replace the fear of the unknown by curiosity

4 Jan