New York City, 1900

Boat Club Parade, Harlem River, 1902

The Curb Market, 1902

The ghetto, 1902

The Mall, Central Park, 1902

Manhattan Beach, 1902

New York skyline, 1902

The Sunday Parade, Fifth Avenue, 1902

The Terrace, Central Park, 1902

Luna Park, 1903

Morris Park Race Track, 1903

Aston House, 1905

Coney Island, 1907

Herald Square, 1907

The Lusitania, 1907

Madison Square, 1907

New York, West Side, Downtown, 1907

New York City, 1908

Grant’s Tomb and Riverside Drive, 1909

Polo Grounds, 1910

Park Row and City Hall Park, 1911

New York from Brooklyn Heights, 1912

Columbus Circus, 1913

New York from Brooklyn, 1913


After 3-4 day in tokyo, we took the night bus to osaka; arrived there and whent to kyoto were we spent our day, visiting temple such as Ginkaku-Ji. very beautiful and peaceful when there is not stupid tourist screaming acros the place…

I saw a Cat that looks just like my Neko ❤

Our time in osaka was relaxed; dad and i where roller blading and bike riding almost every day ! we spent our days with Satomi and Liz. shopping, went to see our friends, went to a super good Brazilian restaurant, to a Okonomiyaki place, to sushi restaurant, to THE best curry place in osaka ! to our personnal cantina named “tavuki” inbetween namba and daikokusho station  and to the Christion café to celebrate my daddy’s birthday !

Thank to satomi and Reiko we go the occasion to do 4 days road trip in miyajima and hiroshima.. come back tomorow to know about the rest of the trip ! 😉