On the road!

Hello dear followers, as some of you might already know, my daddy and I have been on the road since 23 days for The Chaos Chronicles.

We left from Avignon in the south of France and already been through: Vicenza – Venise, Italy. Ljubljana, Slovenia. Zagreb, Croatia. Szeged – Budapest, Hungary. L’viv – Kiev, Ukraine.

” Arrived in kiev, Ukraine yesterday  as far East as we have ever been” – by car


Today we spent a full day in the Chernobyl exclusion zone, did some super cool shots that will be online by tomorrow ! You can already enjoy the shots from the beginning of our trip and past travels on The Chaøs Chrønicles facebook page photography archives.

Happy to say I can now remove Chernobyl for my dream to do list; what will be next? Machu Pichu? Egypt? the great wall of china? a temple sculpted in the montained somewhere in the Middle East ? Antartica?
Did i mention the trip started with Venise wich was also one of my long time dreams !

I was impressed by the theatrical exhibition of the situation ”everything is fine”, ”low contamination on the zone” etc.. Did you know that 3000 people still working on the site 4 day a week! There are tourist tour every day 7/7, read more about our discoveries on the photography journal on Instagram 

PS: my left hand is now radioactively contaminated (at low dose ) 😉