“Follow your most intense obsessions mercilessly.”

The quote isn’t from Franz Kafka, but rather Anne Rice presenting her perception of the motivating force behind Kafka’s work. Still these are very intense words that resonate in my mind in my every steps. I know Ali was also a powerful mind as well, and never gives up his ideas. I a great man I would have like to meet.  Thank you Quote investigator for the infos !
tumblr_mpo7hsX7Y81s7le0to1_50015575-boxing-muhammad-ali 01159136 1170341931Ali and Angelo Dundee, In Corner ali vs frazier116922999 ali alivs frazie00826620 SUPERMAN IN THIS CORNER Cassius-Clay-in-London-1Muhammad Ali and Martin Luther King Jr., Chicago, 1966 Muhammad Ali new york 1968 Muhammad Ali training under water in St John’s Hotel pool, Miami. 1961 muhammad_ali_nywts Muhammad-Ali-and-Sammy-Davis-.Jr_tumblr_mpqaeyeJ7z1s5yzl3o1_400 tumblr_mpqr41rkdX1qc060do1_500 tumblr_mptiozLZVI1qc7qkro2_1280 tumblr_mptzk25mxu1qfxak1o2_400 tumblr_mpux3ybUch1rx3y5ho1_500 Ali Looking at Film Reels tumblr_mq4y7ez9ku1sae8qao1_400 tumblr_mq7lw1RKI01roqgdio1_400tumblr_mq7wjiSLab1szr955o5_500 tumblr_mq9gqg7AFD1razu1yo1_500 tumblr_mq9gx6HMKs1razu1yo1_500 tumblr_mq9h9bNyBr1r13ktbo1_500 Muhammad Ali Speaking at Press Conferencetumblr_mq68pqdfOM1rkf7sao1_500 tumblr_mq491xRcIg1qgwi7to5_400 Muhammad Ali tumblr_mqb1g62LnK1snbr3ho2_500 tumblr_mqdi6d6IBa1r3naofo1_500tumblr_mqgfs7tkZg1sxymb6o3_1280 tumblr_mqjw1vNgGd1srzqh0o3_500 tumblr_mqk2a3Ekim1rhs603o1_1280 tumblr_mqma0eTCm71r97yixo1_500 tumblr_mqpppqwqmR1rl02guo1_500 tumblr_mqr1n7UhT51sylc6fo1_1280 tumblr_mqr4jzcV9U1qbettzo1_500 tumblr_mqrbgfKTAA1qmkroeo8_1280 tumblr_mqrbgfKTAA1qmkroeo9_1280 tumblr_mqta8ukEsN1qhn5w1o1_500Ali vs Terrell, Ali Tying Shoe
Happy birthday butterfly …

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