I love you my Sinner

jean-patchett-in-red-and-white-polka-dot-summer-dress-with-petticoat-ruffle-hat-and-gloves-photo-frances-mclaughlin-gill Zoltan Glass, Car, Berlin, 1931 portrait unknowed brunette vintage jacky kennedy at the tag mahal

Jean Patchett for Du Barry Color Glo, 1957
Oranges-vinatge var ad shoes tockings 1930'S 313343_picasso-ceramiste-et-la-mediterranee
Sarah Moon4


Need Food Not Football – Boycott FIFA

graffiti.siDilma Rousseff, you claim that your party is the party of the workers, but in reality are nothing more than the head of a clique of parasites to serve the rich and powerful. The ethnic cleansing of Brazil’s indigenous Amazonian people to make room for the FIFA world cup stadium proves to the world who your allegiance is truly to, and your rationalizing of such an act of treachery against your fellow man will not be accepted or allowed. Your greed has caused you to turn your eyes from your own people, the poor and destitute, the homeless and sick. You are responsible for the slaughtering of many thousands, including the indigenous Kayapo people, along with the land they own. Dilma Rousseff, psychopath and traitor, feels that the money he took from contractors to build the FIFA stadium is more important than the livelihood of the people living in that area, so much so that he sends his police death squads to lethally enforce their eviction. We need access to free public transport for all, free health care for all, the right to housing free for all, the right to knowledge and culture for all, as well as the protection of anti-prohibitionist policies modeled on those that Evo Morales in Bolivia has applied for cocaine. In addition, we demand that the native peoples, envisaged by the UN as being inviolable, free to live on their land and to defend the ecosystem.Goin-2014_need-food-not-football_01
The face of the oppressed, uniting the indigenous peoples of the Amazon forest, the inhabitants of the favelas, the exploited workers of agriculture and industry, and Anonymous, will work together in achieving its goals by any means necessary, lawful or unlawful.
We, the recipients of your violent oppression, are not ashamed to love and embrace the revolution!
We are Anonymous 
We are legion 
We do not forgive 
We do not forget 
Expect us

Summer time

The weather has been rocking the sky lately, making the temperature go up to 32 degres C !! lucky us. So this is were summer begin;  fashion, riverside, great french cuisine !  Too many things happened,  to say it all!

Had a great time in montpelier for the annual FISE (International Festival of Extreme Sports)

A passed shooting with Gonzalo back in Mexico, vintage pachuco in the flesh!

This is my little backyard in La Casa Azul.
Music in the atmosphere, Bonobo – Animal Magic album.
Enjoy your summer ! Love

Soundtrack: Jurassic 5 – Concrete Schoolyard