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Trip to Edinburgh

Did i tell you about my trip to Edinburgh ? I had a great time with my girl Robyn.

I was there to present the Chaøs Chrønicles; We were invited to do a premiere for an event called BARK, a conter-show of the Fringe festival, happening at Woodland Creature ! Had very good response of the people, and also had a great article !

Awesome venue, Amazing people (big special thanks to Christopher and Lottie)!

Here are some photos of the trip, I mostly filmed cause I want to do a video edit, need to work on my editing skills, perhaps with le Mab! ; )

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Chrønicles: Fragments III

New fragment is out on ARTE Creative!!
Nø Øne sous forme d’un ”nø cømment” avec un soon de D.E.F et un great texte de Tarik Nouis !
Enjoy the trip

Link to the Fragment! 

Fragment III

Fragment II – Rituals

Yes Yes, finaly out ! Fragment II – Rituals

“…Ce prix à payer pour avoir vécu. Ou encore, pour vouloir accéder à un niveau supérieur de
notre conscience d’être et d’exister.
Ce prix à payer et qui nous sera réclamé au crépuscule de notre parcourt.
Car le rite nous parle obscurément de la mort.
Le rite est une danse avec notre ultime épouse.”

screem may chroniques

Watch The Chaøs Chrønicles – Fragment on ARTE Creative !!

Enjoy dear follower and stay tuned, new Ep coming  out two weeks from now !



Aslo we are in search of someone how can do french / german translation ! if you know please contact us at :


The Chaøs Chrønicles – Fragments on ARTE Creative!

If you follow me on facebook you might know a little bit more about this prøject.

If you don’t … the ”Fragments” is a series of short films developed for the ARTE Creative platform. The short films are part of the bigger project, our Chaøs Chrønicles realised one at a time total of 5 episodes coming out in the couple of month !

 You can discover the Fragment I – The forgotten on the ARTE platform and on our blog ; )Next Fragments coming up Monday August 4, stay tuned !!

10487406_255864331289446_2409702667300324357_n In the meantime you can also enjoy our original soundtrack and photographic journal with new content uploaded daily on instagram !