This Day today, November 13th I was born.

Life passes quickly, many loves and lost. Travels and quietness, work and passion.

I feel more the need to write, but can’t manage to stay tuned on My own Gonzotrip.
I realise more and more that I stop writing when my mind is already too far gone in my dreams. I Need to find you, so you’ll pull me back to the ground. Wherever you are.

 My latest trip to Mexico has been the most intence and interesting. We had the chance to work in a University, to be teachers for a month. Art teachers. The week day we worked with the student on creating an art piece, concept, realisation, installation, up to the final exhibition. The weeks ends, I was living a Mexican romance with a man i had met in my younger age.

“When I first met him he was glaring at me
And I think it was black that he was wearing at the time
But he spoke of changes and said come with me”

Grace slick said it right, 47 years in advance.
But I didn’t leave and it was for the better. He is gone now and seemed to have forgotten as fast as he came.

I got the chance to spend my birthday with my family, which was something I hadn’t done since a few years, from being always on the road. Don’t get me wrong, I love our trips and we always have the greatest time. For my 16th we were “lost” acrøss USA and our own Chaøs, not knowing were we headed, but driving determined to it.
17th was in Nicaragua, with some people that became dear friends.
18th Serbia in a very fancy water front restaurant.
19th daddy made me a surprise, we were in Berlin and suppose to go to this Italian restaurant that I love so much; I was wearing my prettiest green dress and he was sterling too. But instead we went to the most fabulous family owned vintage Germany restaurant. Blessed with happiness, I can assure you God has nothing to do with it.
Thank you my daddy & Mommy for all the wonderful thing you have give me in life.

Grandpa said he would take me to the boat restaurant, were I wanted to go since long time. But now it’s too late. I have the strangest dreams, nightmares. Sometime before we had a nice talk while driving, and I asked him if he thought I was pretty, if he was proud of me. The rest belongs to me and no one ells.
I love you

Since we came back; France has been doing a geopolic freefall down the nationalist hole. I think it’s gonna be difficult and long get out of it. The politic of France as been very bad on many levels since decades. I need to get out of here. One one way ticket for “the Fuck out of here” but on second thoughts I could never go, leaving my wonderful mother behind.

Let me rephrase, two one way ticket for “the Fuck out of here”. We’ll go we ever you want my darling mom !

But today Friday 13th, November 1995 i was born and I will continue living this world, until I find a quantum alternative one.