Eris: All Female Exhibit / KBB


I was a part of a great project last May in Berlin involving exclusively female artist for a one night only exhibition at the Urban Spree Gallery.

During the evening I was spreading the good vibes with some hand made “Døn’t Wørry Be Happy” fortune: “it’s up to you to make it good!” I was saying while distributing them. Some people seem to take less value in the words written when they saw the friend had the same. In truth the message is universal it does take away anything from the speech.



A shot of my installation for “Eris: all female exhibit.” last march in Berlin.
Love notes on see through parchemin with photographic diptych. Self portrait “Candore”, video projection & ephemeral installation. Here a close up from one of the Love Notes.


18300840_10211415989069161_191860873959324024_nOne night only event, but what a night ! Thank you Billie Rae & KBB  for the opportunity,  Benjamin StrafeJulietta LaDoll et Alana Richards & Co. for the fun! 

the end berlin exhibit 2017

Enjoy Right Now

When I arrived here, it though I saw a old friend, like a mirage of myself. when i started thinking over the date of the last post I though to myself ”Ho it wasn’t that long ago, that I last wrote here. Spreading a little bit of truth and a little bit of dreams… 31th oct.. ”
That was 361 days ago.
In the meanwhile life happened.

Always working hard with The Chaøs Chrønicles, a life journey project that evolves with me and Him. Follow the journey on Instagram.

We couldn’t imagine this unexpected journey through JAPAN was going to take us so deep in the paradoxes of this amazing country.

We left to Japan 2 week behind schedule, with no plan & no budget.
7750km – 7 weeks on the røad. We filled up 29 memory cards and bring 500+ Gig of datas and unforgettable souvenirs.
Thanks to few contributors, friends & family support, we made it.



Summer times: Our private studio was opened to public after 13 years of secrets. The Avignon theatre festival was a good opportunity for us to create a word to mouth event attracting exclusive clientel and local. A One time opportunity to discover a interesting line up of artist, presenting exhibitions, conferences, talks, spoken word nights and more.
Event for those who know.




The Chaøs Chrønicles

The Chaøs Chrønicles website to discover more.

To follow us around the world, find us on Instagram. but first, Introduction to the project…
The Chaøs Chønicles allow us to discover the world through the eyes of an iconoclast globe trottingcouple; a father, Lukas Zpira and his Daughter Maÿliss.Without any real itinerary, plan, or budget, but hungry for experiences, they travel the world often stepping off the beaten tracks, guided by incredible encounters. Between utopia and dystopia, their quest interrogates our convictions and leaves us filled with a strange mixture of hope and melancholy.

This world, Maÿliss has been observing it through the underground of sub cultures while travelling alongside her father since she was 5 years old. With this nomadic lifestyle, Lukas invites Maÿliss to an alternative type of education based on experiences, far from the school benches. She celebrates her sixteenth birthday in the middle of the United States during their first Chrønicles, and has since been observing our world through the lens of her camera «like through a microscope». Via these journeys and their most interesting encounters, we witness through the eyes of this atypical duo and the plurality of their perspective, an era oscillating between a past that will not die and a future yet to be born.

We rediscover our world with them. Maÿliss avidly soaking up everything she can, meanwhile Lukas is leaning more toward an analysis and assessment. The tasks are set naturally. Maÿliss is in charge of the photography and keeps the travel diary while Lukas writes. Both of them film images as well, though Maÿliss is most often on the forefront through interviews. Lukas is more withdrawn, appearing mostly via voice over narration. This dichotomy entices us to rethink our world which we often only see through the prisms of our certitudes.

Multimedia storytelling, these Chønicles began in 2010 but are an ongoing project that writes itself as the journey continues.
The project was born from a text, a manifesto uploaded on a simple blog. The first photographs appear and set the mood. The stage set like surroundings of our lives slowly starts to crumble to pieces, like the paint on a wall begins to chip off and we begin to see the other side, like peeking backstage. We discover through the images abandoned places, forgotten individuals, isolation, exclusion zones and those of the temporary autonomy (TAZ). We get a glimpse of the transition spaces of our world, its capacity to mutate and our ability to adapt.
The images proliferate and kilometres accumulate.

In early 2014, a team begins to take shape and enables the project to evolve, taking on its various forms. First in a transmedia dimension; merging short films, photography and essays, all accessible on a multi platform website or immersive installations, but the project has the ambition of going further with the elaboration of long feature films and books.So far Lukas and Maÿliss have started to work on 3 different Chrønicles; «U.S. Cøast to Cøast», «Central America» and «The Rise and Fall of Europe». They plan to go to Japan as well to begin a new Chrønicle «From Hiroshima to Fukushima» and hope to do one trip a year covering various countries or areas of the globe.