About Styling

I have always been fascinated by style. Little I was often drawing dresses on paper dolls & dressing my Barbie over and over, with time the technic improved and the passion didn’t leave.

I don’t usually design clothing from A to Z, I am more into customizing and re-shaping what as been given to me to make something totally different.

My parents are very fashionable persons, they have been living in the undergrounds culture through out the world, and they were at the front of the alt scene in the 90’s in France. They influenced me a lot in feeling comfortable with myself and expressing my personal creativity.

I was broad up in a “alternative” lifestyle. Living on the road and traveling since a young age as infused me with many cultures, tradition and styles. I’m also very inspired by the 50’s, but not the clichés or the values! Dressing up is not just something you add on yourself, I think it’s a reflection of ones self. The legacy of the experience. 


I dress by a simple set of rules:

Always be ready to meet your destiny – I don’t mean “never going out without make up”  it’s about always feel good with yourself  and be ready for the encounters and unexpected events.

Never wear the same thing twice – Be original, be creative, everyday is a new day, not like yesterday nor any others, so make them count! “when was the last time you did something for the first time?” It doesn’t mean I buy 365 piece of clothing, to the contrary! I wear the same thing in many different way, take good care of what I own & (try?) not to buy unless good I will regret the next day. 

The style shows the mood – Femme fatal, mobster’s wife, air hostess, fashionable, steampunk, Harajuku girl, Mexican cantatrice, bohemian chic, secretary, cry baby girl, princess, color block, victorian duchesse, witch. What do I choose to embrace today ? I am all of them. I am a women, but also just a girl at heart. Through style I embrace various part of my life and heritage and express my view of the world.

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