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To follow us around the world, find us on Instagram. but first, Introduction to the project…
The Chaøs Chønicles allow us to discover the world through the eyes of an iconoclast globe trottingcouple; a father, Lukas Zpira and his Daughter Maÿliss.Without any real itinerary, plan, or budget, but hungry for experiences, they travel the world often stepping off the beaten tracks, guided by incredible encounters. Between utopia and dystopia, their quest interrogates our convictions and leaves us filled with a strange mixture of hope and melancholy.

This world, Maÿliss has been observing it through the underground of sub cultures while travelling alongside her father since she was 5 years old. With this nomadic lifestyle, Lukas invites Maÿliss to an alternative type of education based on experiences, far from the school benches. She celebrates her sixteenth birthday in the middle of the United States during their first Chrønicles, and has since been observing our world through the lens of her camera «like through a microscope». Via these journeys and their most interesting encounters, we witness through the eyes of this atypical duo and the plurality of their perspective, an era oscillating between a past that will not die and a future yet to be born.

We rediscover our world with them. Maÿliss avidly soaking up everything she can, meanwhile Lukas is leaning more toward an analysis and assessment. The tasks are set naturally. Maÿliss is in charge of the photography and keeps the travel diary while Lukas writes. Both of them film images as well, though Maÿliss is most often on the forefront through interviews. Lukas is more withdrawn, appearing mostly via voice over narration. This dichotomy entices us to rethink our world which we often only see through the prisms of our certitudes.

Multimedia storytelling, these Chønicles began in 2010 but are an ongoing project that writes itself as the journey continues.
The project was born from a text, a manifesto uploaded on a simple blog. The first photographs appear and set the mood. The stage set like surroundings of our lives slowly starts to crumble to pieces, like the paint on a wall begins to chip off and we begin to see the other side, like peeking backstage. We discover through the images abandoned places, forgotten individuals, isolation, exclusion zones and those of the temporary autonomy (TAZ). We get a glimpse of the transition spaces of our world, its capacity to mutate and our ability to adapt.
The images proliferate and kilometres accumulate.

In early 2014, a team begins to take shape and enables the project to evolve, taking on its various forms. First in a transmedia dimension; merging short films, photography and essays, all accessible on a multi platform website or immersive installations, but the project has the ambition of going further with the elaboration of long feature films and books.So far Lukas and Maÿliss have started to work on 3 different Chrønicles; «U.S. Cøast to Cøast», «Central America» and «The Rise and Fall of Europe». They plan to go to Japan as well to begin a new Chrønicle «From Hiroshima to Fukushima» and hope to do one trip a year covering various countries or areas of the globe.


The Chaøs Chrønicles

Take a tour around NEW YORK underground with the White Rabbit,  and go discover DOWN UNDER on a road trip with the Daddy’O !

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“The chaos chronicles” is a transmedia project, a father and daughter’s journey and their intertwined visions of a world in turmoil. It’s an intimate journey bringing us face to face with the paradoxes of a world we created.

Read more of the Manifesto : HERE !

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The Chaøs Chrønicles – Back in da game

fliers expo chroniques la bete humaine web

Dear Parisian friends, an exhibition of “The Chaøs Chrønicles” will be held in paris, from November 6st till december 31st Opening will be tomorrow (November 5th) You anonymous reader are expected ; )

Cher amis Parisien pas besoin de traduction, vous etes déjà au courant! On vous attend, Jeudi 05 Novembre pour le vernissage !

La Bête Humaine, 7 rue Geoffroy L’angevin, PARIS 4e 


Since 4 years we have been working on an ambitious project…

The Chaøs Chrønicles.

IMG_20150523_013430 copyright IMG_20150523_013849 copyright IMG_20150523_144905 copyright IMG_20150523_145241 copyright63739_299006126975266_623079770738572976_n1544973_299005793641966_3364349699265307004_n

So far this project has been mainly self financed and also with the help of our contributors and Arte Creative’s support, we keep on going forward with a solid team and with the generosity of some friends but we’ve pushed our banker’s tolerance limits to the edge!

The project has never received any state aid or institution funding and has yet been made eligible for project proposals.
We don’t fit in any category!
Our search for co-production has only led us to encounter differences of opinions regarding the form of the project.
Therefore we’ve decided to create our own production company, we’ve organized several immersive exhibitions and premier screen viewings.
The feedback we received is really encouraging but we are seriously lacking funds to keep going…
We’d love to show everything we have stocked in our hard drives and make this movie on the U.S. we’ve been working on for months!
So we’ve decided to launch this crowd funding.
We’re calling out to you, friends, family or spectators.

IMG_20150523_141818 copyright

The only way these independent projects can see the light of day is with the interest they trigger and they rely on word of mouth, social media, and how the viewers can be implicated in the projects by participating in these new forms of financing.
We are doing everything we can to be part of these projects, but it won’t be possible without you. 


(french) :

(english) :

(deusche) : 

As rewards are available all of the photos, including landscape and portrait prints signed and numbered, and many others exclusive goodies.

Trip to the East – Xiamen, China

From the 17th to the 20th of March, Melanie and myself will be representing “The Chaøs Chrønicles” in Xiamen during the Asian Side Of The doc !


On the way for China, as far east as she ever been !




Surreal China








From my mind Harlem – Osaka – Caracas, this is Xiamen.


Ambassadress of the Chaøs


Last day of the Asian Side today; very prolific meetings and some great encounters. Happy to be a part of it, and looking forward to the Sunny Side Of The Doc that with take place in La Rochelle, France in 2 months.

Big thanks to the crew; Shilpa, Jessica, Baptiste Timothé and Mr Yves Jeanneau. Looking forward to see you again.


We are still in Xiamen for 3 more day: Stay tuned !

Compte Rendu from Berlin.


This is our Chrønicles view map on vimeo for 2014.
Thanks to our Suppørters and Contributørs, the project as really evolved and start to find it’s public…
5 Fragments , numerous avant premiere, a new web site, an App, new press kit, an exhibition and most of it a real team ready to take the project to the next level.

So … the plan now ?
We would like to present the exhibition in new galleries, to find distribution for the “Fragments” in english & spanish version, present the films in festivals, find an book publisher interested by the project and start to do the editing of the “US Cøast to Cøast” movie.

Yep, it’s gonna be a busy year again !

To make everything happen we need to find some partners, so, please, keep spreading Chaøs among your friends and relatives, and if you are part of the solutions, drop us a line

With Løve to Da Team :
Melanie, Satomi, Stef Bloch, Loïc Mabily – Videographer & Camera operator,Luc Serrano, Tarik Noui, Philippe Louvet, Vincent Taiani (, Flavien Cillufo, Bonnie Li, DEF69 (

and a big Merci ARTE Creative, MATTHEW ROSEN N102, Uli Seibert, Silke Wilhelm, Zoo Club Arian Kwee, Frank Kuenster, Romieu Pierre-Gilles, Rohan Rossbach

-For more infos :
-“Fragments” on Arte Creative :

Mayliss & Lukas

Chrønicles: Berlin !

IMG_20140821_154222Back in Berlin ! or should I say I was in berlin .

So much thing going on since Edinburg. The day after my return dad, our lovely assistante & I jumped in a planet to Berlin. There we made an Avant Premiere (private) at the SOHO house, a membership online club were I would really like to enter !

It went very well and with the high demand from a public eager to discover our project, we did a second Avant Premiere (public) thanks to Sebastian. We met very interesting and nice people how helped us in different ways and all of that great time led to a exhibition proposal ! Can’t complain, but it has been hard work !! Every day of this year, I spent it working hard on The Chaøs Chrønicles 


From Berlin with love.

Tuesday november 4th, 2014.

Chrønicles – Fragment V


Fragment V – ȧ regarder et partager sans moderation ! with love