Home, is where your cloths are!

The Dressing !

The place where the magic happens ! why feel guilty about having many cloth if they all come from second hand, retails shop, flea market and your mom’s closet!

Some Sneak peaks of what my treasure box is holding, among many other stuff, more fashion post will come more regularly ! For now enjoy


Romantique day out. Wearing vintage scarf, and underskirt, flowered dress, cultch coming all the way from New York, with the matching shoes !


Berlin night out to the unfamous Kit Kat Klub. Antique corset, transparent dress, various religious necklaces. Worned with pink stilettos.


Layers of lace underskirt worned with a trench dress and very nicely detailed pantyhose from Japan.

Looks from New York City

I will never forget all our moments, all the good times growing up, all our NY rides, late night walks in the Village, fake tattooes, al dente pastas, hugs, kisses, travels, bus rides, airport moments everything was always amasing, cause i was with you. My first trip to NYC with out you my daddy and i got the Blues in every street, wish you could be here for late rides around the city and goodnight kisses.

The world we travel is not big enough to tell u.. I love you 24/7, 365.

Our Chrønicles 16007km away is not an easy jøurney, but follow it live on instagram @thechaoschronicles , much more amazing moments to come.


I am enjoying every moment of my 11 days left in New York. Every step is suppose to bring me a step closer from home, but I know since long time my home is right were I’m at. New York your full of magic, art, love, skyscraper, garbedge, people, memories, parks, shops, rats, restaurants, friends, taxis, bikes, delies, room with a view, room with no view, avenues, and so much more.

If Spike Lee what the director of the movie of my life, he would have to me to say “Fuck you” * but here I’m the director so fuck Spike Lee. New York I love you.

* a reference to the “Fuck you” scene of the 25th hour Spike Lee movie, one of my all time favorite.

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