“The century of the self”

A must see, highly interesting documentary on the construction of our modern behaviour of consumption. Through this documentary I discovered many interesting things and among them Edward Bernays, conceptor of the marketing and public relation as we know them today. Especially love the small part about  how he  transformed the way we view women smoking, changing the cigarette into a symbol of empowerment, calling it “the torch of Freedom”. I appreciate greatly how he annalized human behavior using Sigmund Freud’s theory and apply it to make the mass buy things they don’t “need” but “desire”. I invite you to comment on your feedback so we can discuss further into the subject !

The best way to spent 3 hours of your life.

Ps: I added Edward Bernays books to my wish list, you should too !


Rumble in the Jungle

Always in my mind – Respect for the champ’ the man, the one and only.

Wish I could have met you before you left us, but I know the next Bee that’ll sting me it’ll be you. Ode to Ali, my champ’ next to Daddy.



“Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it.
Impossible is not a fact.
It’s an opinion.
Impossible is not a declaration.
It’s a dare.
Impossible is potential.
Impossible is temporary.
Impossible is nothing.”

Muhammad Ali

Need Food Not Football – Boycott FIFA

graffiti.siDilma Rousseff, you claim that your party is the party of the workers, but in reality are nothing more than the head of a clique of parasites to serve the rich and powerful. The ethnic cleansing of Brazil’s indigenous Amazonian people to make room for the FIFA world cup stadium proves to the world who your allegiance is truly to, and your rationalizing of such an act of treachery against your fellow man will not be accepted or allowed. Your greed has caused you to turn your eyes from your own people, the poor and destitute, the homeless and sick. You are responsible for the slaughtering of many thousands, including the indigenous Kayapo people, along with the land they own. Dilma Rousseff, psychopath and traitor, feels that the money he took from contractors to build the FIFA stadium is more important than the livelihood of the people living in that area, so much so that he sends his police death squads to lethally enforce their eviction. We need access to free public transport for all, free health care for all, the right to housing free for all, the right to knowledge and culture for all, as well as the protection of anti-prohibitionist policies modeled on those that Evo Morales in Bolivia has applied for cocaine. In addition, we demand that the native peoples, envisaged by the UN as being inviolable, free to live on their land and to defend the ecosystem.Goin-2014_need-food-not-football_01
The face of the oppressed, uniting the indigenous peoples of the Amazon forest, the inhabitants of the favelas, the exploited workers of agriculture and industry, and Anonymous, will work together in achieving its goals by any means necessary, lawful or unlawful.
We, the recipients of your violent oppression, are not ashamed to love and embrace the revolution!
We are Anonymous 
We are legion 
We do not forgive 
We do not forget 
Expect us

Power to the People


“We didn’t had guns to use it, but to show we were ready to stand for our rights”

Check out this great book “Power to the People: The World of the black panthers” retracing the full history of the movement from it’s foundation in the 1966 to it’s dissolvement in the early 80’s and the fight that continued until nowadays.

“Follow your most intense obsessions mercilessly.”

The quote isn’t from Franz Kafka, but rather Anne Rice presenting her perception of the motivating force behind Kafka’s work. Still these are very intense words that resonate in my mind in my every steps. I know Ali was also a powerful mind as well, and never gives up his ideas. I a great man I would have like to meet.  Thank you Quote investigator for the infos !
tumblr_mpo7hsX7Y81s7le0to1_50015575-boxing-muhammad-ali 01159136 1170341931Ali and Angelo Dundee, In Corner ali vs frazier116922999 ali alivs frazie00826620 SUPERMAN IN THIS CORNER Cassius-Clay-in-London-1Muhammad Ali and Martin Luther King Jr., Chicago, 1966 Muhammad Ali new york 1968 Muhammad Ali training under water in St John’s Hotel pool, Miami. 1961 muhammad_ali_nywts Muhammad-Ali-and-Sammy-Davis-.Jr_tumblr_mpqaeyeJ7z1s5yzl3o1_400 tumblr_mpqr41rkdX1qc060do1_500 tumblr_mptiozLZVI1qc7qkro2_1280 tumblr_mptzk25mxu1qfxak1o2_400 tumblr_mpux3ybUch1rx3y5ho1_500 Ali Looking at Film Reels tumblr_mq4y7ez9ku1sae8qao1_400 tumblr_mq7lw1RKI01roqgdio1_400tumblr_mq7wjiSLab1szr955o5_500 tumblr_mq9gqg7AFD1razu1yo1_500 tumblr_mq9gx6HMKs1razu1yo1_500 tumblr_mq9h9bNyBr1r13ktbo1_500 Muhammad Ali Speaking at Press Conferencetumblr_mq68pqdfOM1rkf7sao1_500 tumblr_mq491xRcIg1qgwi7to5_400 Muhammad Ali tumblr_mqb1g62LnK1snbr3ho2_500 tumblr_mqdi6d6IBa1r3naofo1_500tumblr_mqgfs7tkZg1sxymb6o3_1280 tumblr_mqjw1vNgGd1srzqh0o3_500 tumblr_mqk2a3Ekim1rhs603o1_1280 tumblr_mqma0eTCm71r97yixo1_500 tumblr_mqpppqwqmR1rl02guo1_500 tumblr_mqr1n7UhT51sylc6fo1_1280 tumblr_mqr4jzcV9U1qbettzo1_500 tumblr_mqrbgfKTAA1qmkroeo8_1280 tumblr_mqrbgfKTAA1qmkroeo9_1280 tumblr_mqta8ukEsN1qhn5w1o1_500Ali vs Terrell, Ali Tying Shoe
Happy birthday butterfly …

Back when vinyl whas king – voice of the ghetto

Finding, or searching myself through musical taste. Discover a bit of me through the art of various artist. The song below is running round and round at home, like a vinyl.

Nina Simones – Swiging Addis Ethiopique 8 – A tribe Called Quest – Django Reinhard – Duke Ellington – Gill Scott HarronThe Pharcyde – RZA Remix – IAM

de la BO du film Ma 6T va crack-erX Men – Mystik

A Time before Crack. Brooklyn, NYC. Photo by JS. jamel shabazz new york subway adidas new york nyc portraitjamel shabazz jamel shabazz kids on the block nyc new york 70 jamel-shabazz-2 portrait new york nyc jamel-shabazz-3 new york nycportrait Jamel-Shabazz5 new york nycportrait JamelShabazz_17 new york nycportrait

Photography by Jamel Shabazz, a list of his books are on my Book Wishlist

Ode to Newton

He is one of my long time favorite artist, but honestly what can i say about Helmut Newton that hasn’t already been said! And any way in my opinion his work talks for the both of us… The erotism, the composition, the subjects, the womens….

He is a part of those list of passed away artist I would have been honored to meet, with Man Ray at the top of the list…

Il est un de mes artistes préféré depuis bien longtemps, son travail m’a beaucoup inspiré et incité à la photographie. Mais de vous à moi, que puis-je dire sur Helmut Newton que quelqu’un n’aurais pas déjà dit auparavant! Dans tout les cas son travail parle de lui même; l’érotisme, la composition, les sujets, les points de vues, les femmes…

Il est un des nombreux noms de ma liste d’artistes que j’admire, que j’aurais rêver rencontrer Man Ray au top de la liste…


helmut-newton-focus-magazine-milan-1997wpid-Photo-02gen2013-15162image5HELMUT-NEWTON-nPoV_458_Newton-764422s-helmut-newton-ssNewton - Crocodile, ballet de Pina Bauschnadja auermaan helmut newton vogue high & mighty handicapJenny Capitain, Pension Dorian, Berlin 1977 by Helmut NewtonHelmutNewton1970sTwoblondsHelmutNewton_mugler_monaco98helmut-newtonefbbbfHelmut-Newton-Grand-PalaisHelmut-Newton_Yves-Saint-Laurent_Vogue79helmut_newton_various_photos01ManticoreHelmut Newtonhelmut_newton_4helmut newton 1920 2004helmut newton 2gue-france-yves-st-laurent-paris-photo-helmut-newtoncatherine_deneuve_helmut-newtontumblr_mn4nm25YCB1r7xatro1_1280