Once upon a time…

… the grass was green everywhere, there was no sides. Burn the houses to the ground and take me back. I will dance for the sun, and wear it’s light sheet as if it was the most beautiful dress, a dress of a sheer and flesh-colored marquisette fabric, with 2,500 shimmering rhinestones sewn into it.

Piegan tepees. 1910.jpg


gertrude-kasebier1899 brian-gaberman-road-to-wolfeboro-1600x1226


”Elle Etait belle comme la femme d’un autre”

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Welcome to the Abode of Chaos

I’m at the abode of Chaos since more then a week now, things are going more than OK; nice performance, cool artist, one more great life experience.

I was verry happy to see Coco Katsura and Johanna Constantine two artist (respectively from japan and New York)  that I’ve know for more than 10 years.

Lot of things have happend and more to come, be ready, Survive the Apocalypse.

I took a many more picture, so if you whant to see please go in “around my world photography”

I also found a SUPER NICE shop in lyon, called “MARILYN”

55, rue Auguste Comte 69002 LYON

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