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The Chaøs Chrønicles

1 Jun


Take a tour around NEW YORK underground with the White Rabbit,  and go discover DOWN UNDER on a road trip with the Daddy’O !

loco 2.0

“The chaos chronicles” is a transmedia project, a father and daughter’s journey and their intertwined visions of a world in turmoil. It’s an intimate journey bringing us face to face with the paradoxes of a world we created.

Read more of the Manifesto : HERE !

screenshot dad and i copy

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Making it happen … in Berlin !

22 Aug

New fragment is out on ARTE Creative!!
Nø Øne sous forme d’un ”nø cømment” avec un soon de D.E.F et un superbe texte de Tarik Nouis !
Enjoy the trip

Sorry we haven’t been around lately, but working hard to bring you good news! Stay tunned !!

Link to the Fragment! 

Fragment III

Aujourd’hui est le premier jour du reste de ta vie.

22 Jan

When we left for the USA three years ago, I would never have thought the Chaøs Chrønicles would have brought us were we are now… I don’t want to spoil the surprises, so for now all I can share with you is a little road trip though  my mind.

Can’t find much more to say.. Images speaks for themselves and to me they are worth every minutes of silence. Enjoy




Chaøs Chrønicles USA Trailer

12 May

the trailer of our project is out! if you like it, share it!

if you want to know more about the project, and how too be a part of it:


thanks love & respect to the those who supported the project so far :


and those working on it :

 Luc Serrano, Grey Le Mab, Stef Bloch, Bonnie Li , Satomi Zpira

and big up to my daddy, with whom all of this couldn’t have been possible..


Last part of the photos for the chaos chronicles

26 Apr

20130426-112938 PM.jpg20130426-112951 PM.jpg20130426-113006 PM.jpg20130426-113050 PM.jpg20130426-113121 PM.jpg

20130426-113303 PM.jpg

20130426-113318 PM.jpg

20130426-113355 PM.jpg

20130426-113426 PM.jpg

20130426-113503 PM.jpg

20130426-113552 PM.jpg

20130426-113537 PM.jpg

20130426-113643 PM.jpg

20130426-113718 PM.jpg

20130426-113811 PM.jpg

20130426-113845 PM.jpg

20130426-113939 PM.jpg

20130426-113919 PM.jpg

Chaos chronicles III Australia – New Zealand – Bali

17 Apr

20130417-045327 PM.jpg20130417-045442 PM.jpg20130417-045459 PM.jpg20130417-045559 PM.jpg20130417-045615 PM.jpg20130417-045702 PM.jpg20130417-045722 PM.jpg20130417-045740 PM.jpg20130417-045819 PM.jpg20130417-045844 PM.jpg20130417-050015 PM.jpg20130417-045941 PM.jpg20130417-050135 PM.jpg20130417-050150 PM.jpgChristchurch

20130417-050226 PM.jpg20130417-050239 PM.jpg20130417-050251 PM.jpg20130417-050333 PM.jpg20130417-050414 PM.jpg20130417-050426 PM.jpg20130417-050502 PM.jpg20130417-050523 PM.jpg20130417-050603 PM.jpg20130417-050724 PM.jpgOamaru20130417-050739 PM.jpg20130417-050755 PM.jpg20130417-050807 PM.jpg20130417-050854 PM.jpg20130417-050929 PM.jpg20130417-051038 PM.jpg20130417-051236 PM.jpgBali20130417-051254 PM.jpg20130417-051449 PM.jpg20130417-051613 PM.jpg

20130417-051756 PM.jpg

20130417-051837 PM.jpg

20130417-051928 PM.jpg

20130417-051952 PM.jpg


20130417-052125 PM.jpg

20130417-052355 PM.jpg

20130417-052420 PM.jpg

20130417-052455 PM.jpg

Ain’t got no, we got ourselves

10 Jan


this photo is from our Coast to Coast road trip in the USA, go check out our project on the CHAOS CHRONICLES