Power to the People


“We didn’t had guns to use it, but to show we were ready to stand for our rights”

Check out this great book “Power to the People: The World of the black panthers” retracing the full history of the movement from it’s foundation in the 1966 to it’s dissolvement in the early 80’s and the fight that continued until nowadays.

Paris, city of fashion & friends.

I have been in paris for the last weeks, relocating my HQ in the 6r near the Luxembourg garden ! Sharing my time between girlfriends, shopping, exhibitions, great dinner and nights out. Happily soothing with my new pancakes lens 9mm F8.
What do you do when you are in Paris, what is your favorite place?


The very special paris meal: fois gras and a gratin dauphinois with potted duck. Amazingly good!

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Exhibitions around town, it’s a real gift to have so much cultural events happening in one city, Paris.