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Moi qui suit a printemps de ma vie

22 Mar

Ho Gabin, j’aurais tant aimé que tu me giffle.


Chiling in Lyon ..

23 Jul

… With The big bad rabbit !


Everything Is Illuminated

1 Jul

Pablo Picasso was a genius who tried absolutely everything.. 

Picasso painting in light, 1949 (4) Picasso painting in light, 1949 (11) picasso1949_00718636

Photo’s from Life magasine artist Gjon Mili

Good morning France.

4 Apr

After a very long night; (+ a stop at the apple store to buy 2 new macbook pro 17″) 7h of plain, 4h of train, 30 minutes of bus and a long walk (whit the suit case) I FINALY arrived home*, where my mom and boyfriend where waiting for me.

Feels (like always) good to come back home, goodbye Gotham.

New York I love you.

* Home is were ever your heart is.