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The work of a lifetime: Romance

15 Aug







being-kissed pulp

me and you

Gisèle Freund - Frida Kahlo (3)

Sarah Gillespie

NPG x13391; Charlotte Despard (nÈe French) by Mrs Albert Broom

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On the road!

21 Oct

Hello dear followers, as some of you might alredy know, my daddy and I have been on the road since 23 days for the project we’re working on entitled

The Chaos Chronicles.

We left from Avignon in the south of France and already been through: Vicenza – Venise, Italy. Ljubljana, Slovenia. Zagreb, Croatia. Szeged – Budapest, Hungary. L’viv – Kiev, Ukraine.

” Arrived in kiev, Ukraine yesterday  as far East as i have ever been” – by car


Deep though to my little heart Zoe, wish you could be here with me

Today we spent a full day in the Tchernobyl exclusion zone, did some super cool shots that will be online by tomorrow ! You can already enjoy the shots from the beginning of our trip and past travels on the Your are now on a space ship to my mind  page at the top right of the blog ; )

Happy to say i can now remove Tchernobyl for my dream to do list; what will be next? Machu Pichu? Egypt? the great wall of china? a temple sculpted in the montained somewhere in the Middle East ? Antartica?
Did i mention the trip started with Venise wich was also one of my long time dreams !

About Tcherno’ I was impressed by the absurdity of the theatrical exhibition of the situation ”everything is fine”, ”low contaminations on the zone” etc.. Did you know that 3000 people still working on the site 4 day a week! There are tourist tour every day 7/7 ..I always though the Zone was completely close to public, over the top radioactively contaminated .

All of that to say that today was a good productive day.

PS: my left had is now radioactively contaminated (at low dose ) 😉

To see my photo ”instant live” follow me on Instagram !

“If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough”. robert capa

8 Jun

It has been long time since i haven’t posted any personal appreciation on my blog, i didn’t have the mind to it (or maybe i didn’t feel the need to)
So, for the Chaos Chronicles i have been looking though the art of many different artist, from snap shots to reporter photography to fashion photo shoot; in order to find or should i say define my style… So i decided to post regularly photo with the link to the photographer’s web sites..





Lo-Calzo_Comeback-to-Kalahari_12 Comeback to Kalahari

Cela fait un long moment que je n’Ai pas ecrit d’Apreciation personnel sur mon blog, je n’avais pas la tete a ca ou peu etre etait-ce par flem.

Depuis le début des Chroniques du Chaos je creuse dans le répertoire infiniment grand des artistes et photographes, dans le but de capté leurs points de vues et techiques. Je regarde tout du snap shot au photo de journalisme en passant par la photo de mode … J’ai donc déscidé de poster plus régulierement des photos d’artistes avec un lien vers leurs sites.

Chaøs Chrønicles USA Trailer

12 May

the trailer of our project is out! if you like it, share it!

if you want to know more about the project, and how too be a part of it:


thanks love & respect to the those who supported the project so far :


and those working on it :

 Luc Serrano, Grey Le Mab, Stef Bloch, Bonnie Li , Satomi Zpira

and big up to my daddy, with whom all of this couldn’t have been possible..


a tree grows in brooklyn

4 Jan

Propaganda: http://mygonzotrip.tumblr.com/Street-in-New-Yorks-Chinatown-1942 20121016vivienne 1022 kent 2211 tumblr_m01jcnw92n1r9qhhinyc street tumblr_lxoe5imSRM1qad0jgo1_500
nyc alfred-hitchcock-and-vera-miles-new-york-city-1957love letter to nyc er october 1949 big-sleep-end-title-still

L’enfant avait pris soin des poupées, qui, à leurs tours, allaient prendre soin d’elle en levant ses rêves à hauteur du monde…

28 Dec

tumblr_lyiwnxKCwL1qhom4uo1_1280 US 1

Can Can dancer by Man Ray.
beautifull blond legs black and white
buster keaton and anita pageSunny Harnett photographed by Leombruno Bodi for Glamour, 1954. swiming suit ad 50's 65940021 2James Abbe - Yvonne Printemps in Mozart Sacha Guitry, 1927reflect-new yorksuzy-parker-in-red-sequined-dress-by-norman-norell-photo-by-milton-greene-life-september-1952-milton vintagetumblr_meoharcPv71rt1d6mo1_500tumblr_lk0nzgOBvG1qa2boao1_50031259713416 6468663283_50db292fd7_z_large
65047_10151509988906055_671029840_nnew york 19701293811435-gmend-title

Un joyeux nonanniversaire

5 Dec

with lov
la julie_effected

leregardpleinsd'amourdesvraiscopines_effectedhappybdaywhite rabbit_effected