Paris, city of fashion & friends.

I have been in paris for the last weeks, relocating my HQ in the 6r near the Luxembourg garden ! Sharing my time between girlfriends, shopping, exhibitions, great dinner and nights out. Happily soothing with my new pancakes lens 9mm F8.
What do you do when you are in Paris, what is your favorite place?


The very special paris meal: fois gras and a gratin dauphinois with potted duck. Amazingly good!

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Exhibitions around town, it’s a real gift to have so much cultural events happening in one city, Paris.


Home sweet home !

After two month of traveling, in 14 diferent air plains, through 3 continents, friday I finally came back  home !

Had a super nice week end, with some friends at my place and now the life goes back to “normal”; trying wake up a 8:00 am, for home schooling,to keep a rythm to life (as you may not know I am home schooled since several years).

I have personal tuition some days a week, we work on subject I choose, great way to mix travel knowledge and to learn about various subjects on stuff “they don’t want you to know”. I am not again school but the subject & way to explain them are often not in the right -personnal oppinion-.   

Also spent some time in Panam’ with my daddy, we went to visit Larry Clark’s retrospective “Kiss the past hello” and also one of J.M Basquiat and also the ” Louvre ” my very first time there, I LOVED IT, especially the clair-obscur painting, when it comes to light, Flemish painters knew it all ! Very inspiring… All very beautiful and different art style . 

larry clack photography work black and white smoke

Apres deux mois de voyage, dans 14 avions different, sur trois continents, vendredi dernier je suis enfin rentrer a ma maison !

J’ai passé un super week end, avec des potes a manger des crêpes, et aujourd’hui la vie reprend son cour “normal” ; tenter de me réveiller 8:00 pour faire mes cours -pas si classics-. Je fais depuis plusieurs année l’école par correspondance ce qui est un bon moyen de mixer les plannings de voyages ainsi que le temps de cour et la vie social. Je suis très fier que nous aillons fait ce choix en famille, qui me laisse j’en suis sur avec une plus grande liberté de découverte  et d’apprentissage hors des sentiers battus de l’institue national.

Egalement de passage a Panam’ pour faire un peu le tour des expos; retrospective de Larry Clarck “Kiss the past hello” au Musée d’Art Moderne, Tcheck! Une autre retrospective, cette fois si sur le travail de J.M Basquiat, Tcheck! Visite de la section peinture Flamande et Peinture française du Louvre, Tcheck!

Des styles complètement different et tous très inspirant! Vivement le prochain voyage a Paris !