“The century of the self”

A must see, highly interesting documentary on the construction of our modern behaviour of consumption. Through this documentary I discovered many interesting things and among them Edward Bernays, conceptor of the marketing and public relation as we know them today. Especially love the small part about  how he  transformed the way we view women smoking, changing the cigarette into a symbol of empowerment, calling it “the torch of Freedom”. I appreciate greatly how he annalized human behavior using Sigmund Freud’s theory and apply it to make the mass buy things they don’t “need” but “desire”. I invite you to comment on your feedback so we can discuss further into the subject !

The best way to spent 3 hours of your life.

Ps: I added Edward Bernays books to my wish list, you should too !


The Chaøs Chrønicles – Fragments



Ce n’est pas sans une certaine fierté que je vous présente aujourd’hui le teaser du project sur lequel on travail dans l’ombre depuis plusieurs années !

avec la fine équipe

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