Aujourd’hui est le premier jour du reste de ta vie.

When we left for the USA three years ago, I would never have thought the Chaøs Chrønicles would have brought us were we are now… I don’t want to spoil the surprises, so for now all I can share with you is a little road trip though  my mind.

Can’t find much more to say.. Images speaks for themselves and to me they are worth every minutes of silence. Enjoy


The Chaøs Chrønicles: Trailler

The trailer of our project is out! if you like it, share it!

If you want to know more about the project, and how to be a part of it:

Thanks love & respect to the those who supported the project so far and those working on it and big up to my daddy, with whom all of this couldn’t have been possible..


USA coast to coast

On The 28th Of septembre my father and i left France for a coast to coast Riad trip.
So far including 23 cities:
Las vegas-Los Angeles-San Diego-Phoenix-Albuquerque-Roswell-Dallas-Austin-Houston-New Orleans-Jackson-Montgomery-Memphis-Nasvilles-Louisville-Indianapolis-Chicago-Detroit-London(ontario)-toronto(ontario)-Philadelphia-Washington D.C-New York.

We will document this trip with small interview, photo, video and texte we also created an Ulule project for support!
We’re doing this the gonzo way, enjoy!