Klimt at Carrières des lumières

How satisfying it is to see such masterpieces in giant sizes, to be immersed into the artwork. The show was in 3 part also included the unimitable Dalí, as well as Hokusai.

This exhibition location was made possible by the centuries old industrial development that used stones from the quaries to build the fast growing cities of Provence & the area as early as the 1800.

In time, stones were no longer the material of choice for construction, the decline in demand of this heavy material and WWI eventually led the site to closed down.

Artist getting inspired by artist.

In the early 60’s it saw a new breath of fresh air when Jean Cocteau selecting this location to make his “The Testament of Orpheus” and then it continued to be a conseptual and immersive art space to this day.

“The Testament of Orpheus”
Wonderful sweet Poppychampagn

As it happens, my dad also exhibited there for the first time in a group exhibition when he was still a yound artist. At the time the location was called “Cathedrale of Images” made to inspire us to hail as high regards for art and images as we do for religion.

All photos are by me during our visit at the location, the night out was a birthday gift for Chaman check da beat

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