I see

I see all the changes happening, I see the world changing, I am impacted by the change.

I see places that were open & lighthearted with constant coming and going are now slowed down, socially distanced, masked.

One way path.

One path.

I see friends looking away from my eyes when talking because we are loosing our social links. I loose warmth, and remember the power of a friendly touch every now and then, it’s nostalgic.

Art on social media is dying, suffocating among an overwhelming amount content added to the lack of public interest. It becomes only catharsis for the creator. Shows and parties seems like a story of the past.

When walking back home in the late hour of day, wondering if I am now considered a criminal for walking after curfew between mom & dad’s homes.

There in the light of night, I look up to the moon and think to myself “at least that is constant” for that I feel reassured. At least some things never change.


Actions means power, choices that we can make.

Joined we will be, dancing in the ruins of society, soon again.

Lady White Rabbit

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